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by Callie Castro, CAE, KCSAE Treasurer

KCSAE is your professional home. As such, we strive to be a resource for members not just as they are preparing for the CAE exam, but throughout their careers. KCSAE provides quality education right in your backyard as well as numerous opportunities to develop a local network of association peers and business contacts. In addition, you may not have realized that KCSAE maintains an association library to support the advancement of knowledge in association management.

We all know the benefits of continued learning. It can enhance your self-image, have a positive effect on your job performance and proficiency, and improve your chances of promotion. Not only that, the association world is dynamic, requiring association professionals to be on the top of their game and knowledgeable about trends and changes not just within their industry but the association world as a whole.

The KCSAE library contents are available for any member to check out and include current copies of the Association Law Handbook and Professional Practices in Association Management in addition to:

  • Planning Your Career in Association Management,
  • Seven Measures of Success,
  • The End of Membership as We Know It,
  • The Will to Govern Well (2nd edition),
  • And many more.

Members may view a full listing of library holdings online. The loan period for any book is four weeks, and borrowers may check out a maximum of three items at any one time.

The KCSAE library is reviewed yearly for relevance and to ensure that we have the most recent editions on hand. If you have suggestions for books/resources that you would like to see in the KCSAE library, email us and let us know. We will review potential additions based on current holdings and budget available.

Many of our monthly programs and online webinars build upon content you may find in the resources available in the KCSAE library. I would encourage all of you to attend a monthly program and browse the library contents. Contact Cynthia Edmunds, Executive Director, if you are interested in expanding your association knowledge by checking out a library item.

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