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KCSAE Views Educational Programming as One of the Top Benefits

Hello to all of you, KCSAE colleagues.

As the summer months approach, many of us are gearing up for annual meetings, vacations, outdoor activities, time with family and friends. We may place professional development on the back burner during this time. But, I assure you that KCSAE is not. Your KCSAE board is hard at work to build upon our strength of educational programming to ensure that you, as members, have the best possible local education opportunities available.

KCSAE views educational programming as one of the top benefits offered to our members and are committed to providing a premier local education and networking experience year-round for members. As such, it is important for us to review our current programming strategy and networking opportunities.

That is why an Education and Networking Task Force (ENTF) has been established – to further enhance KCSAE’s commitment to quality educational programming and networking opportunities. The charge of the ENTF is to recommend a comprehensive education and networking strategy for KCSAE. As part of its work, the ENTF will review the existing education and networking opportunities as well as committee structures, program planning collaboration, and overall education and networking goals in order to provide a seamless experience for KCSAE members attending a variety of functions.

ENTF members include:

  • Marilyn Bier, CAE (chair)
  • Michael Chamberlin, CAE
  • Hannes Combest, CAE
  • Heather Lehman, CAE
  • Melissa Mahoney
  • Crystal Roberts, CAE
  • Callie Castro, CAE (board liaison)

The group is in its research stage of work at this time and is analyzing data, member segments, and member needs as they relate to education and networking. They plan to conduct focus groups and surveys to better inform their recommendations with work being concluded by the end of summer. If you are called upon to provide input, I encourage you to do so. We are interested in a variety of viewpoints from a cross-section of membership.

The work of the ENTF will be used to build upon our strength of being a local association dedicated to providing high caliber professional programming and opportunities to develop a network of local association peers and business contacts. Recommendations will include a strategy designed to provide cohesive and seamless access to relevant content for KCSAE members.

I look forward to seeing you at a KCSAE program soon!

Callie Castro, MBA, CAE
KCSAE Director

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