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KCSAE Value Proposition Task Force Recommendations

by Kyle Farmer, KCSAE Director

In 2020 a task force was charged with researching KCSAE’s current value proposition in a few key areas: new member recruitment, existing member retention, and partnership relationship development. The result of the task force’s work was a set of recommendations designed to help the Board of Directors create strategic priorities that will shape the direction of KCSAE in the coming years.

The task force, chaired by KCSAE board member Jim Penrod, identified and contacted three separate audiences to contact for their research: non-member CEOs, new KCSAE members and KCSAE members who have been members for at least 5 years. Using a series of questions related to KCSAE programming and offerings, the task force was able to determine a value proposition for each of these membership segments. The task force used these value propositions to create a list of recommendations for the board.

The recommendations fell into four distinct categories:

  • Provide opportunities to increase engagement of emerging professionals,
  • Improve the process for welcoming new members,
  • Engage non-members, and
  • Highlight the KCSAE sense of community.

The KCSAE Board of Directors incorporated the task force’s recommendations into its recent revision of the association’s strategic priorities. Specifically, the Board recognized the need to engage those association professionals that are new(er) to the industry. One way to engage this core demographic is through the return of the Emerging Professionals Special Interest Group (SIG). The Emerging Professionals SIG is designed to help those early in their association management careers create connections with their peers while also networking with the area’s association leaders. There has also been discussion of creating a mentor program for those emerging professionals looking to advance their careers and professional networks.

As we focus on our emerging professionals, the Board would love to hear from the membership. If you are new to the association world and have ideas about programming or assistance that would help you, we want to hear from you. If you’re not quite as new (I wouldn’t dare call you old!) and are willing to support the next wave of association professionals, let’s chat. Feel free to reach out to me anytime as we start this next journey in the evolution of KCSAE.

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