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by Kyle Farmer, CAE, KCSAE President-Elect

I had a conversation with an association management colleague at the recent ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition in Atlanta. The discussion centered around his experience with his local society of association executives and the struggle he faced getting involved in the organization. Despite his willingness to volunteer, he was told more than once that there just weren’t any openings at that time. I walked away from that conversation convinced “that would never happen at KCSAE.” I was sure there were no members on the outside looking in when it came to volunteering for this association we call home. After some reflection, however, I am not so sure.

KCSAE leans heavily on volunteer members to do a lot of the association’s heavy lifting. From the Board of Directors to the committee chairs and committee members, volunteers provide a significant amount of service to the association. Knowing the commitment our members make to provide their time and talents to KCSAE, I hope none of you are struggling to find a way to become a part of this wonderful community. But if you are, please see this as a personal call to volunteer.

No matter what your skillset or interest, there is a place for you here at KCSAE. If you like to plan and run events, the Programming or Awards committees are the perfect place to get involved. If communications and marketing are more your pace, the Communications Committee would love your help spreading the word about KCSAE. Maybe you love recruitment and retention. Then you’re in luck because the Membership Committee is always looking for volunteers to help bring more association executives into our community. If you don’t know where you fit in, I would love to chat and help you find a way to get involved. My time volunteering with KCSAE has been some of the most fulfilling years of my career, and I relish the opportunity to help someone else have a similar experience.

The mission of the Kansas City Society of Association Executives is to create an association management community for its members that advances their careers through education, professional development, and networking. That only happens through the hard work and dedication of our volunteer leaders. Come join us as we move KCSAE into the future.


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